FLASH WAKE UP – Fluiten Testing Capability

With a history that began in 1962, Fluiten Italia is a leader in the design and production of Mechanical Seals used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and energy production plants.

The Mechanical Seal is a critical device which has the function of avoiding and controlling the emissions of dangerous fluids conveyed or treated with equipment with rotating shaft.

Mechanical Seals must ensure operational reliability even in critical conditions where the pressure, temperature and speed of the shaft are high and the product to be kept is highly dangerous.

  • What control can be carried out to validate the design of a mechanical seal? 
  • How do you check the operating limits of a Mechanical Seal? 

The design phase

The design, the dimensions and the materials  must face the seal operating limits.

The Fluiten Test Department

• Dynamic Test in according to API682: P= 40 bar; V<23 m/s ; T : – 80 / 400°C
• Dynamic Test for Engineered Seals: P= 40 bar; V: >23 m/s
• Custom Test
• Dynamic Test to follow customer requirements
• Endurance Test

Instrumental analysis

• Sliding faces analysis
• Flatness analysis
• Dimensional analysis
• Microscopic analysis
• Roughness analysis