FLASH WAKE UP – Lubricants production plants

Fluiten Italia supplies Mechanical Seals to an important multinational company, leader in the production of additives for high performance synthetic oils. The collaboration started over 20 years ago, with the aim to improve the Mechanical Seals performances, and the technical support.


Case History


Change of operating conditions and the end customer’s need to increase production levels, required the development of a new sealing solution, able to withstand the upgraded conditions on an existing mixer in the plant, where a Fluiten Mechanical Seal was installed since 1991. Proposed solution by Fluiten completely fulfilled customer’s expectations, increasing reliability, and reducing maintenance activity.


Fluiten GTA15188 – consisting of TC-BL3X


The Fluiten Seal GTA15188 was the proposed replacement, having overall dimensions 100% interchangeable with the previously fitted Fluiten Mechanical Seal. The inner seal is type TC (shaft diameter 180 mm) on the product side; with this solution the performances are guaranteed, even if the product tends to crystallize in the upper part of the tank.


Who produces lubricating oils?


The main Oil and Gas companies produce or have their own branded lubricants: Eni, Shell, CNPC, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Fuchs, Kluber Lubrication, Total, Lukoil, Repsol, FCL, Rowe.